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"I perform surgery on myself!
(NOT for the queasy)"

So, as some of you may know, a while ago on a night ride, I had a spectacular wipeout. My knee has since swelled up and filled with fluid (it felt like a waterbed!). As the knee felt pretty good, I decided to take matters into my own hands and play doc and get rid of the fluid, whatever it was (against Rolling Bones' stringent advice).

Baz can't bear to watch.

"Choose yer weapon..." I dug out the ol' Black & Decker and chose a drillbit. Decided to go with the 3/32, as the 9/64-sized hole might have been too hard to plug up if something went awry.

"Annnnd- voila!" Woah! As you can see, quite a lot of fluid was in the knee.

Riders ride on, as a flat is repaired. Endo longs to go with them.

Taking a break at the top. Brian's switchbacks soon to come.

Dennis coming down. Click on the pic to visit his website, Ogrehut. Many CA trails described on the site.

Endo & Uncle Stinky check out the newly-built Happy Ending.

That's what it's like, at the bottom...