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BETTER WORLD SHOPPER is a site dedicated to providing people with a comprehensive, up-to-date, reliable account of the social and environmental responsibility of every company on the planet AND making it available in practical forms that individuals can use in their everyday lives. Coming out of more than 5 years of intensive research, this work is based on a comprehensive database of over 1000 companies and utilizes 25+ reliable sources of data to cover everything from the environment to human rights, community development to animal protection.

Below are a listing of energy bars from the Better World Shopper site. Was shocked to see Powerbars getting an 'F'. Let's see if we can find out why.

From the Better World Website. Click on the pic for more details.


Data is collected over the past 20 years from a wide range of nonprofit sources on the social and environmental responsibility of more than 1000 companies.*


The data is organized in a massive database that matches companies with their brands, assigns weights to each piece of data, and calculates an overall responsibility score.


Companies/brands are transferred to smaller, more specific charts based on product categories where each one is assigned a letter grade based on its overall responsibility relative to its competitors in the same product category.


Companies/brands are then transferred into easy-to-use report cards that allow people to quickly identify the most/least responsible choices when they are shopping online, at the supermarket, or in the mall.

* While this research project allows for a more complete view of the "big picture" of a company's responsibility over the long term, it does not yet have the capacity or infrastructure necessary to include some of the more common, ever-shifting, qualitative data (e.g. news stories) available to the general public. This kind of larger project is possible if funding becomes available. Please contact me if you are interested in expanding the scope of this research.


Here's why PowerBar is ranked so low.

Apparently Nestle is one of the 20 worst companies on the planet based on a comprehensive analysis of their overall records of social and environmental responsibility for the past 20 years.

"Nestle, the huge multinational corporation is a noted corporate villain. Given the corporation’s record, it is not surprising that it was selected as the “World’s Most Unethical Company” by Ethical Consumer Magazine and voted one of “The Ten Worst Corporations of 1989” by Multinational Monitor."

Don't know how I got into this rant, but if it offends anyone, please accept my apologies.

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Tracey and a home-brewed black IPA

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