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Favorite Links

Amazing thread on MTBR on juicing and eating healthy. Check it out here.

Bike sites.
Stockton's Performance Cyclery

Formerly Delta Cyclery.

FATRAC The Sacramento area's best trail advocates.
Drunk Cyclist
Woah. Careful. Rated 'R'.
Mountain Bike Review MTBR is the best. The BEST, Jerry.

More schtuff.
Obner GIFs

This is a music site I check out every once in a while. BUT, this thread has the MOST hilarious GIFs evar, all 50 pages (and counting) of them. Be prepared to spend a good-sized chunk of your work day looking and laughing. Note: This is an old thread, so some of the older GIFs aren't available any more, but still plenty to laugh at!

A downhiller's delight. Bootleg Canyon, near Vegas, baby.
Galen and Barbara Rowell The Mountain Light site. Beautiful photos shot by Galen Rowell, who, along with Barbara, was killed in a plane crash on August 11th.
Rocky Road A music discussion board.
Djangos New and used CDs.
Rave Recordings The "new and improved" music discussion board, Rave Recordings.
Grimy Awards Who's this idiot Finch Platte?

Commute, dammit.